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Rob Jan Zomer

I work as a naturopath for animals, with the emphasis on horses.

I was already familiar with horses and ponies from childhood. The fact that my father, Gerrit Zomer, works in his own naturopathic practice for animals for over 30 years, I have always been closely involved in the practice. That’s why my interest in this healing method increased.


When the animal has been diagnosed, a therapy is prescribed. In most cases, this is on homeopathic or phytotherapeutic basis and is administered by the owner himself. This is done orally.
Often during treatment, there may initially occur an aggravation. This is because the inner body is put to work and because any waste materials may be released where the body reacts to. In most cases, there is a rapid response, as the cause is directly addressed.

The medication is ordered and sent to the owner. Unless the substance is in stock, then it will be handed out. All medications come with a leaflet.

If, during the consultation, it is determined that there’s nothing we can do for the animal , this will be honestly told.