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Rob Jan Zomer

I work as a naturopath for animals, with the emphasis on horses.

I was already familiar with horses and ponies from childhood. The fact that my father, Gerrit Zomer, works in his own naturopathic practice for animals for over 30 years, I have always been closely involved in the practice. That’s why my interest in this healing method increased.



Naturopathy refers to anything that brings the body into a position to heal itself. Like for instance Homeopathy, Phytotherapy and Acupuncture. Everything is based on a natural basis, without chemical additives, which leaves little to no side effects to occur. It is also good to combine with mainstream medicine. They will not bite each other.

In naturopathy, the cause of the complaint(s) are detected in particular. This is often something quite different than expected. One should view the body as a whole, almost nothing in the body works separately. If one has a problem somewhere in the body, then there often also arises a problem at a different location in the body after some time. This has also to do with the meridians in the body. These are connecting lines (energy fields) that connect certain organs in the body. This connecting line is not visible. Through this connecting line, these linked organs have a continuous exchange with each other. If one organ is not operating properly or is ill, it weakens the energy exchange to the linked organ, which makes this organ to also function poorer or become ill.

This may sometimes lead to a false conclusion and a misdiagnosis.