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Rob Jan Zomer

I work as a naturopath for animals, with the emphasis on horses.

I was already familiar with horses and ponies from childhood. The fact that my father, Gerrit Zomer, works in his own naturopathic practice for animals for over 30 years, I have always been closely involved in the practice. That’s why my interest in this healing method increased.

Common symptoms

Symptoms that are common are:

  • Skin: itching / rubbing, eczema, mud fever, bald patches, allergies
  • Hormonal: extreme oestrus cycle, irregular cycle, not/hard to get in foal, Cushing (just support)
  • Respiratory system: heaves (COPD), bronchitis, cough
  • Digestive system: diarrhea (chronic), poor appetite, frequent colic attacks
  • An abnormality of gait with little clue: eg by tendon or muscle problems


  • Kidney overload, by too rich food for example
    • Liver problems, eg by use of medication
    • Pancreatic insufficiency eg “Insulin resistance” by too much molasses (sugar)
    • Tying up and / or laminitis

Riding problems:

  • Metabolic or hormonal problems often cause riding problems such as stiffness, protest at certain exercises, difficulties at bending

For many problems the cause has to do with:

  • Heredity: what the animal inherits from his parents.
  • Nutrition: a horse is a very sober animal by nature. People easily feed too much or wrongly.
  • Movement: a horse is found naturally constantly in motion. Our horses are mainly stabled. The horse can therefore not lose its energy.