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Rob Jan Zomer

I work as a naturopath for animals, with the emphasis on horses.

I was already familiar with horses and ponies from childhood. The fact that my father, Gerrit Zomer, works in his own naturopathic practice for animals for over 30 years, I have always been closely involved in the practice. That’s why my interest in this healing method increased.


During a consultation, it is important that an owner clearly indicates what the symptoms are. An owner knows his animals best and sees it on a daily basis and knows precisely about the habits of the animal. We cannot determine this within a short period of time.
Also, the nutrition is important. In particular, the type of feed and quantity. Most horses are fed too rich, compared to what they have to perform.

We observe the animal first to see if there are no abnormal complications. We listen to the heart, lungs and possibly the bowels if there is any indication to do so.

Then we measure the energy fields surrounding the body of the animal at an acupuncture point using a Lecher- / H3 antenna.
All the organs, muscles, tendons, joints have their own frequency. We can set this frequency on the antenna and measure the concerning organ this way.