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Rob Jan Zomer

I work as a naturopath for animals, with the emphasis on horses.

I was already familiar with horses and ponies from childhood. The fact that my father, Gerrit Zomer, works in his own naturopathic practice for animals for over 30 years, I have always been closely involved in the practice. That’s why my interest in this healing method increased.

Dog or cat

In fact, dogs and cats have the same problems as horses, but it is revealed differently.

The main difference is the digestive system of the dog and cat compared to the horse. The horse is a herbivore and the dog / cat is primarily a meat eater. The digestion of a dog or cat is also faster than that of the horse.
Most problems that arise in the dog / cat also come largely from the diet. The dog is often fed as an omnivore. His digestive system is not geared up to this.

The body may become contaminated with wastes that are insufficiently discharged through urine and / or faeces. The body will therefore try to get rid of the waste in a different way, ie through the skin. This often gives (extreme) itching and irritation. This can lead to scratching and biting certain patches on the body, creating open wounds.

Like horses, the energy fields of dogs / cats can be measured, using a Lecher- / H3 antenna. This can establish a quick diagnosis and it’s not an unpleasant experience for the animal.

For an appointment in the Velden (Limburg, the Netherlands) region, please contact:

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